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Monday, November 10, 2008


The East gets BEAST-lier

A day after I dreamt of a dream lineup for the Philadelphia Phillies, the Okland A's have won the Matt Holliday sweeps, as they acquire Holliday for Huston Street, Greg Smith, Ryan Sweeney and Carlos Gonzalez. Buster Olney, as well as other baseball gurus have reported this transaction.

Great trade for both sides, as Colorado gets what they wanted - a major league ready contributor (Smith and Street) and two super prospects who have potential down the road.
In terms of fantasy impact, the AL West just got tougher to pitch against. But who will protect Holliday in the middle of that order? Oakland still has some work to do in the off-season (Jason Giambi, perhaps? to keep team from pitching away from their newest slugger.

A deeper look into the dimensions of Oakland Coliseum display a standard 330 ft to the poles and 400 ft to center. However, to the gaps, it is (only) 362 ft. Compare this to Coors (where Holliday was so comfortable, according to Rosenthal) 350 ft to the poles, 415 to center and 390 to the gaps.
Comparing the smaller dimension of the Colesium to the light air of Coors is something for the Discovery Channel (good show, actually. Check it out). However, I would safely predict that Holliday should not see a dip in productio. Facing the Texas Rangers' and Seattle MAriners rotation during divisional play should help some as well.

One thing remains: how does Holliday look in green and gold?

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