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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pink Sunday

Apparently he lost a bet to his friend "Munch". I'm sure the plug for NBA 08 had nothing to do with it. Watch the video.

MATT HOLLIDAY WOULD SURE LOOK GOOD IN (PHILLY) RED The Rockies look like they are going to trade their star before he hits free agency next year. Among the teams vouching for his services are St. Louis and Philadelphia. Can you imagine a lineup with Utley, Howard and Holliday? Article: Ken Rosenthal examines Holliday's significance outside of Coors

Jake Peavy's Train has left the Station This, according to Padres GM, Kevin Towers, who has narrowed it down to Atlanta, the Cubs (and St Louis).
If he goes to Chicago, the Cubs will have potentially three 20 games winners If he goes to ATL, he will be close to home, which is nice, but with the Mets and Phillies in the same division, will be tough road to the playoffs.

TOM KOSTOPOLOUS SHOULD BE SUSPENDED His hit last night on Mike Van Ryn was brutal. What an asshole. Watch the video. Apparently this cheap hit inspired other Habs players (Saku Koivu and Sergei Kostitsyn) to take more cheap shots, this time on Mr. Hot - Mikhail Grabovski.

Milt guaranteed victory last night, and lost. He wanted the stadium sold out and didn't get that either.
Here's his rant on how hockey isn't a sport. I don't like it when people bash other sports. Which is why i lost respect for Tiger Woods. If he can tell me why people should care about the CFL, I'll tell him why hockey IS a real sport. To say he would challenge a hockey player to a fight is ridiculous.

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